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“CHiLL” _ leeMundwiler Architects to Unveil Boundary-Pushing ‘Breathing’ Structure,

Cara Lee and Stephan Mundwiler, of internationally award-winning  architects firm

leeMundwiler are exhibiting their most ambitious building concept to date

at LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA-ARCHITETTURA-2016. leeMundwiler has taken the first step down a path of conceptual design they have been incubating for years. From the awarded “Breathing Pavilion” conceived for Swiss Pavilion for World Expo in 2010 to multiple boundary-pushing designs based upon the idea of living life to inorganic architecture, this is the studio’s first foray into translating these concepts into reality.


CHiLL performs a prophecy in architecture,

which pertains to the capacity to analyze requisite conditions to initiate rules.

CHiLL exploits architecture as a behavioral provocateur that flirts with and motivates participants.

CHiLL's systematic ecology instigated by the user is emblematic of the symbiosis of two entities, the organic and inorganic that builds upon a shared domain of 'fragility.'

CHiLL is engineered into a complex network powered by advanced hardware to interact with users.
CHiLL perceives instigator’s presence and reacts according to his/her movements and commands.

The data is delivered to CHiLL’s ‘brain’ for analysis, interpreting ‘desires’ and ‘motivations’

and feeds the information to its inorganic nerves. With that....

ChiLL becomes a willful provocateur, instigator, manipulator, negotiator, blue monster, and breathing architecture.

Collateral event of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition part of the La Biennale di Venezia - Architettura



28 MAY-27 NOVEMBER 2016

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